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Annie Bathgate.Hand and Machine embroidery,Textile,Paper, Silk, Collage.
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Over the last few years, Annie's work has become very popular with visitors to the studio. In view
of this, she now warrants her own page.
Much of Annie's work is based on the textures of the surrounding countryside, of which she takes
many photographs of rock formations, textures and other small details that may be of use to her.She
then tries to replicate these shapes, forms and textures with textiles, hand and machine embroidery,
silk and paper collage, to make a material from which she can then make book covers, sketchbooks,
bookmarks, framed collage works and other items that interest her.
All of Annie's works are unique one-offs. No item is made the same way again, allowing for much
experimentation and originality to grace the works, big or small. Annie now has work in a growing
number of collections, representing all the visitors to the studio.

There are no larger images of Annie's work to click on.

Book cover with lovely reds and yellow colours.
Book Cover1.
18 x 20cms.
Scetchbook with silk and  collage.
Sketchbook 1.
21 x 16cms.
Red book coverwith interesting logo on front.
Book Cover 2.
17 x 19cms.
Landscape based design on an ipad cover.
Ipad Cover.
31 x 21cms.
Subtle autumn shades of yellows and reds in a book cover.
Book Cover 5.
18 x 19cms.
Clutch bag made from scrap silk cuttings and velvet.
Clutch Bag. (NFS.)
20 x 18cms.
Sketchbokk journal made from velvet and scrap strips of textiles.
Sketchbook /Journal.
18 x 19cms.
Pink silk Iris, decorates the front of this note book cover.
Notebook Cover.
21 x 16cms.
Shoulderbag, made with velvet and thin strips of textiles in pinks ,reds.and blues
Shoulder Bag.
21 x 21cms.
Journal Cover in blues and greens.
Journal Cover.
20 x 17cms.
book cover made from strips of textiles and old lace.
Book Cover 4.
18 x 18cms.
Sketchbook made from velvet and silk scraps.
Sketchbook 12.
17 x 14cms.
Coloured sketchbook with image transfer.
Sketchbook 10.
14 x 15cms.
Colourful sketchbook with hand and machine embroidery.
Sketchbook 3.
21 x 18cms.
Book cover with textile strips and old lace.
Book Cover 5.
19 x 20cms.
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